[[bright startle|step away]] in the heat.
You fill the glass to the brim and the ripples [[cross and cross and cross]].
unapologetic smoke [[clouding my eyes and the sky and the sun]].
How lucky I am alone, a small thing clipped together\nin a storm of static appearing still, completely inverted,\nan empty hourglass, the radio wave out of context. \n\n\nend
Even lightweight travelers become [[transient]],\n[[suffocating in the want of coffee and log fire]],
the brief, exciting [[fold|scratch]]\nof time [[when we wanted more]]. \n
an abrupt desire: [[wandering]] [[the flaming hedges]]\n\n
thin [[lake breeze]].
A [[silver tumbler glass|transient]] sits [[empty on the dashboard]].
There is a water tank behind the closed door--your glass is [[empty|empty on the dashboard]].
Late to your boat \n[[rising without me|when we wanted more]] like a ghostly alarm,
[[Passing a Technetium]] : click to start
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despite the burn, the [[melting ship|nearby]].\nIt's on [[autopilot|wandering]], [[step away]],
A scratch on the sky is the [[recent dust of the red dwarf|when we wanted more]]\nwe wished on [[in a tiny day|late]]
The sequins of a galaxy, [[economically thin]], frame\nother stars budding, [[tiny capillary pulses|scratch]] twisting into life.
[[unfiltered speech|empty on the dashboard]] on a [[dank bar's stool]].
Passing a Technetium: by Nina F.
The star's hydrogen hiccups [[blot your vision]]-
peculiar leathery sky\n[[nearby]],
[[someone's|step away]] unbuttoning the heat bales\n[[north from here]],