Space Dad


Click here to download the Space Dad SWF.

Due to Flash being discontinued, you'll need to download the SWF to play this game. To run the SWF, you will need to download Adobe's Flash Player projector content debugger. The name sounds long and weird, but I have tested it out myself and it's easy to open and run the game using this tool. Just make sure you download the SWF to a location on your computer that is easy to find, because the tool will require you to locate it.


Click and hold to wind up your arm, and release to toss.


Made @ Space Cowboy Jam 2014, 6-8-14 - Emmett Butler, Nina Freeman, art by Marina Kittaka, audio by Decky Coss.

This game was made using Flixel. You can view the Github repository. The music can be found here.

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