A Pretty Ornament I Made


Click here to download the A Pretty Ornament I Made SWF.

Due to Flash being discontinued, you'll need to download the SWF to play this game. To run the SWF, you will need to download Adobe's Flash Player projector content debugger. The name sounds long and weird, but I have tested it out myself and it's easy to open and run the game using this tool. Just make sure you download the SWF to a location on your computer that is easy to find, because the tool will require you to locate it.


Click and drag to grab ornament. Click to stuff it.


Game by Nina Freeman with art by Aurahack, December 2014.

SFX contributed by Decky Coss. Music by Circus Marcus. Font by Zaguatica.

This game was made using Flixel. You can view the Github repository.

This game is based on a poem I wrote in 2011. I recommend reading it after you've played the game! :D

what a pretty christmas ornament

plink went the flowers
i'm plinking them in i say!
she's cracking some more into pieces my size and i plink some more
what a pretty ornament i make
the dropping sound is charming i say
i'll listen to the charming instead of the big noises they're making
i'll feel the shiny glass, i feel the cool but these big noises
they hurt my ears and make me tear a little
but i'll crumple another flower down
it's fun i say it's fun but they aren't listening they're just
making those big noises
that i hate so much
but she took it now, maybe she'll put it on the tree
----it was a scream or a sparkle, my ornament met the floor
that's ok, say i, i'll just pretend you're still whole and just
friends with the floor
i'll just sit and get my flowers and make another, i say
but no, here we go
mom's taking me to the car.

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