Lost Memories Dot Net is a game about teen girls, blogs and love triangles in 2004.
It is now available to play/download for free on Itch.io and via the Manchester International Festival website!

Listen to the OST by yeule here:

Lost Memories Dot Net is a game about chatting and building websites as a teenage girl in 2004. You play as 14 year old Nina, chatting with your online friend Kayla about a middle school love triangle, and building your blog between messages. You explore the online world Nina occupies, downloading images to decorate your blog as the drama at school unfolds. Please check out our gameplay trailer and the screenshots below:

Lost Memories Dot Net was originally commissioned by Manchester International Festival

Lost Memories Dot Net will be shown live in central Manchester during MIF17 in an installation created by local designer Mariel Osborn. You can visit the installation at Neo (Charlotte Street, M1 4ET) from 10am to 6pm every day from Saturday 1 July to Friday 14 July. Special thanks to Bruntwood!

For any questions about Lost Memories Dot Net, please email us.

Notes & Features:

The following features art by Guillaume Singelin:


Written and designed by: Nina Freeman
Programmed and designed by: Aaron Freedman
OST Composed by: yeule
Additional writing by: Emma Kidwell
UI Art by: Jenny Jiao Hsia
Special thanks to Jordy AKA Milkblushh for the logo art!

Lost Memories Dot Net is a game set on the internet in 2004, and it features many "websites" meant to evoke that era. These elements include illustrations by (in no specific order):

Shari Coté
Guillaume Singelin
Opal Pence
Jordy AKA Milkblushh
Erica Lahaie
Laura Knetzger
Lydia Baek

If you would like to find these artists specific pieces in the game, just look at the image filename and/or description in-game! They're all identified by artist in the game itself!


The following features art by Arqa:

The following features art by Shari Coté