Kimmy is a game about Dana and a little girl she meets one summer. You play as Dana as she babysits Kimmy and helps her make friends with the other kids in the neighborhood. You collect trinkets to play street games, and learn more and more about Kimmy as summer passes by.

Kimmy will be released as a part of the January Humble Monthly, launching on January 6th. Subscribe through Humble Bundle.

Kimmy will be released on Steam for PC and Mac in early 2017.

For any questions about Kimmy, please email us.

Designed and written by: Nina Freeman
Illustrated and written by: Laura Knetzger
Programmed by: Aaron Freedman
OST Composed by: Louie Zong
Sound design by: Amos Roddy
Special thanks to Noel Clark for the Kimmy logo design.

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