Kimmy is a visual novel style game about a summer spent babysitting in late 1960s Massachusetts. You play as Dana, who stumbles across Kimmy--a tiny girl wandering around alone in her neighborhood. Dana decides to take Kimmy under her wing, worried that she's having trouble making friends, and decides to be her babysitter. Let summer begin! Collect trinkets, play street games, and learn more and more about Kimmy and her mysterious family as summer passes by.

Available for PC/Mac on Steam, Humble and Itch (see links below). If you would like to try a demo of Kimmy, you can download it on Steam for free!

You can also purchase Kimmy on the Humble Bundle Store! Kimmy is a Humble Bundle Original, first released exclusively through their monthly bundle on 1/1/17! Special thanks to Humble Bundle for their support of this game!

For any questions about Kimmy, please email us.


Recommendations and Notes

Content warning:

Kimmy is a game about childhood, but it does address some more serious issues and is primarily intended for adults. There are conversations between the characters about things like death, profanities and alcohol. Please consider this before playing this game with younger kids.

Designed and written by: Nina Freeman
Illustrated and written by: Laura Knetzger
Programmed by: Aaron Freedman
OST Composed by: Louie Zong
Sound design by: Amos Roddy
Special thanks to Noel Clark for the Kimmy logo design.

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